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Heritage Ball Mason Jar - Limited Edition

5.50 GBP / In stock.

This special edition preserving jar has been brought out to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 'Perfection' Mason Jar.  These jars are American icons.  Traditionally what went inside was a product of a season of hard work.  What came out was a quality of freshness that fed a family or nourished soldiers far away. 

These spring green pint sized jars are a limited edition for this year. They have custom-embossed logos on front and back, and maintain the standards and  quality that modern day preserving requires.  Brushed silver lids.

They look equally good as storage jars or vases, and look stunning when displayed with some light behind.

Size: 1 US Pint (16 fl oz) - so slightly smaller than a UK pint which is 20 fl oz.

Made in the United States of America.