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Nutscene Selection of Small Balls of Coloured Twine

7.99 GBP / In stock.

Twine Gift Set  – The Nutscene Tiddler Pack™

The ulitimate taster collection of quality Nutscene ® twines. Use it in the garden, indoors as a replacement for household string or ribbon on parcels.  In the kitchen it's great for securing greaseproof paper on steamed pudding bowls. 

A lovely twine gift set package of 8 tiddlers – includes a variety of Nutscene’s 12 coloured twines.

A little Nutscene Tiddler Spool is ideal for your pocket.

This 3 ply jute twine is safe to compost and sourced from renewable resources.

Colours may vary.

Size of Pack: 29 x 8cm

Size of Each Ball of Twine: 7 x 3cm

Made in Scotland