Nordic Spa Traditions


Bring some of the Nordic Spa Tradition home this Christmas with our new Swedish Spa Brushes from Iris Hantverk.


The Nordic Spa Tradition has its roots in wellbeing rituals first practiced in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden 700 years ago, and has evolved into a popular spa treatment around the world today. The bathing routines were originally characterised by being beaten with birch branches, rigorous exfoliation practices and the alternate use of steam and cold water or a roll in the snow. These days (thankfully) the experience has been improved upon and has become less punishing but still leaves you glowing and invigorated. The Swedish Body Brush is a part of that routine. It can be used once or twice a week, with or without soap, in the bath or shower. It will improve circulation and slough off dry skin.


You should keep the Face Brush dry and use small circular movements all over the face and neck but avoiding the delicate eye contour area.

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