Are Feather Dusters Any Good?

Ostritch feather duster

Are feather dusters any good or do they just move the dust around?  Well the key point about a feather duster is that it’s the static in the feathers that ‘holds’ the dust.  The best feathers for the job are Ostrich feather.  They are soft, won’t scratch and look lovely.  Before you begin dusting you need to gently rub the feathers from the bottom to the tips several times to create the static.  Then you can lightly dust along the surface.  When you finish a piece of furniture you can either shake the duster out of the window, or shake it onto the carpet if you are vacuuming later.  (Take a look at our video to see it at work).

Whilst you can get some enormous feather dusters, you are probably best with one that has a fairly small head which will allow you to dust around ornaments and get into corners.  If you use a duster with too big a head you are more likely to knock something over!  Some feather dusters come with longer handles which are great for dusting curtain pelmets, Venetian blinds, lights and the tops of taller pieces of furniture.

White Ostrich Feather Duster

Ostrich feather dusters are good for occasional or ‘in-between’ dusting but they’re not a substitute for polishing – you will occasionally still need to get out a cloth and some good old furniture polish .

Can you clean a feather duster?  Yes.  Shaking a feather duster should be all you need to clean it ready for the next time you want to use it.  However, if there is something on it other than dust, maybe food or grease, then you can wash it in some warm water with a tiny drop of baby shampoo or mild washing up liquid, rinse then hang it up to dry naturally, but avoiding hot radiators.