French Linen Tea Towels from Charvet - Why is Linen better than Cotton?

Red stripe French linen tea towel

These tea towels are made by Charvet Editions from the finest French linen, woven in one of the last linen mills in Armentieres, France.  Charvet have been weaving linen there for more than a century.  Over the years, many other manufacturers have replaced linen with cotton, or a cotton/linen mix because it is cheaper.  

So why are linen tea towels better than cotton?

 The drying properties of pure linen are far superior to cotton.  Linen is a stronger fabric than cotton and so can withstand the abrasive action of rubbing.  Linen tea towels are more absorbent than cotton and their drying performance improves with use.

Linen tea towels are lint-free so they won't leave annoying bits of fluff behind which makes them ideal for drying glassware. 

Linen tea towels are better for the environment as flax plants need less water and chemicals than cotton. Flax plants provide a greater harvest per acre than cotton too. 

The Charvet linen tea towels are slightly bigger than usual (52 x 70cm).  The cloth is woven in a 52cm width so has no need for a hem down the sides - you just see the lovely selvedge.  It is pre-washed for softness and they will continue to improve wash after wash.  As the colour is woven in, it will not fade the way that printed designs do.

These are tea towels of the very finest quality.

All the Charvet tea towels are a natural colour but come edged in red, blue, ecru, black and the colours of the French flag (red, white and blue).