Telescopic Cobweb Dusting Brushes

cobweb duster in action.jpg

If you live in a barn conversion, old chapel, a loft apartment or simply have a high-ceilinged stairwell, then you will know how difficult it can be to clean the cobwebs and dust the beams.  These Telescopic  Cobweb Dusting Brushes are the answer.  They come in two sizes.  The first extends to 2.5 metres and if that's not long enough, the other extends to a whopping 4.5 metres.  The heads are made from goat hair and can be angled to 90 degrees so that they can be used to dust along beams and those hard to reach window sills.  


Adjustable brush head.jpg

The brush heads are made from goat hair.  The white brush head is softer and good for fine dust, and the brown one is slightly coarser and suited to cobwebs.


Cobweb Brush White Head.jpg

The handles are made from lightweight aluminium which means you can breeze through the dusting!