Turner & Harper Large Enamel Bowl

Simple, functional design at its best.

Turner & Harper Enamel Bowl with Tomatoes.jpg


A household basin with tall sides that lends itself to carrying water without spillage. The kink in the side serves to make holding a full, heavy vessel more comfortable; while the unique properties of enamel result in a very hard wearing finish which is inert to chemicals.

These generous sized enamel bowls are made by Tom Harper of Turner & Harper.  They are the best quality enamelware I have come across.  The powder coated finish is silky smooth.  The edges are gently rounded. They are lovely to handle and to behold.

Turner & Harper bowls in 3 colours.jpg


The heavy gauge steel is cold formed in a spinning process which hardens the material, resulting in a strong durable product that will serve many years of use..  Take a look at the video showing the production process.


Perfect for all manner of household chores.

Capable of holding {13 pints / 6.2 litres}


Available in Light Grey, Dark Blue and Mid Grey

Materials : Steel, Vitreous Enamel.

Dimensions : L28 x W28 x H14cm

Large Enamel Basin.jpg
Claire Coldwell