Bette's Bar of Household Soap

Bette's Bar of Household Soap

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This is a NEW product from Mangle & Wringer called Bette's Bar. It's their original cold processed soap, which is suitable for cleaning just about anything! It's available Unscented or perfumed with Lavender & Chamomile , or Rosemary & Eucalyptus, weighs 110g and costs £3. It's the purest bar of 'good old fashioned soap' and contains nothing but 100% saponified coconut oil. Great as a hand soap but also it can be grated into warm water and used for hand washing laundry.

As with all the Mangle & Wringer products, it's natural, safe and effective as well as safe for septic tanks.

Weight: 110g
Ingredients: 100% saponified coconut oil

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