Burleigh Red Numbered Bowls

Burleigh Red Numbered Bowls

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Based in Derbyshire, Burleigh was established in 1851 and is still making a pure English earthenware product in the 21st Century. They use ball clay from Devon; china clay from Cornwall and the glaze is lustrous.  These bowls come in 4 sizes and can be used as mixing bowls when baking or for steamed puddings as they have a lip around the top that you can tie string around to keep the grease-proof papers in place whilst steaming. 


These are white with red numbers on.  An English design classic.

As well as being very useful for your kitchen needs, these bowls also look stunning when displayed on open shelving.  A modern country kitchen classic.

If you double the number printed on the side of each bowl it gives you an indication of the number of people that pudding should feed!

Measurements of Bowl No. 1
.75 pint (480 ml)
Diameter 14 cm
Height 9 cm

Measurements of Bowl No. 2
1.25 pint (728 ml)
Diameter 16 cm
Height 9.5cm

Measurements of Bowl No. 3
2 pint (1.1L)
Diameter 18.5 cm
Height 11cm

Measurements of Bowl No. 4
2.5 pint (1.5L)
Diameter 20cm
Height 12.5cm

Made in England

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