Mangle & Wringer Natural Bleach (500g bag)

Mangle & Wringer Natural Bleach (500g bag)


Vanessa Willes founded Mangle & Wringer in 2012 after she met an inspirational woman called Bette Smith. Bette was born in the 1920’s and went into service from a very early age working in London’s Belgravia. In true Downton Abbey fashion, she worked her way up from kitchen and laundry maid to lady’s maid. When she married she moved to Gloucestershire and set up her own laundry business where she became known locally as Mrs Mangle. One of her daughters helped her and went by the name of Little Miss Wringer! On her death, Bette left Vanessa the notebooks in which she had carefully recorded her cleaning recipes and tips for good housekeeping. The Mangle & Wringer products are based entirely on these traditional recipes and are safe to use, contain no nasty chemicals, yet are very effective products.

A safe and gentle, chlorine free, bleach that very effectively removes stains and brightens whites. Non toxic and biodegradable, Natural Bleach releases oxygen when diluted in water and is the most natural bleach next to sunlight. Safe for coloured fabrics and whites. Safe for septic tanks. Simply add a small scoop to your laundry powder for bright, fresh laundry.

Ingredients: Sodium Percarbonate

Size: 500g

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Great product garments super clean and soft after treatment
— Helena R