Table Sweeping Set

Table Sweeping Set


A small hand brush and pan for quickly sweeping bread crumbs from the table. It is held together by magnets for tidy storage.

Available in blond or dark wood.

Size: 16 x 10.5cm
Materials: Oiled ThermoWood and Natural Bristles

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This item was one of my purchases from PlainUseFul, it is perfect for a small brush with very delicate/soft bristles to use on my Irish table linens. It is the perfect size to clear away crumbs or flower peddles without damaging the linen material.
I highly recommend this particular table sweep because it can also be used for other small areas that might be hard or tricky to get something to sweep away crumbs or rubbish (to small to pick up by hand).
I would say this is also a perfect gift for some that may not want to admit that they are [“DCP”: Determined Cleaning Perfectionist]
— Ronald B